Stone carving of the origins of the Baqua (8 Trigrams)

Our practitioners received their degrees in the US but also participate in an internship in China where they receive intensive training at the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospitals in various departments in the city of Hangzhou. During these clinical rounds they may see up to 30 patients an hour alongside their assigned doctors who are experts in that field. Our practitioners receive training in specialities including orthopedics, pediatrics, stroke recovery, facial rejuvenation, and internal medicine.

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Francine Aguerre Herrera is an acupuncture student at American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM). She is completing her Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in December 2017 and she will be starting her Doctorate in January of 2018.

Francine is certified in Shiatsu Massage and Asian bodywork such as guan sha and cupping.  Her clinical experience includes practicing acupuncture and Shiatsu Massage at the community clinic at ACTCM.

Her main focus and specialty is pain management which is complemented with her training in body work and myofascial trigger point needling to help patients with both chronic and acute pain.

Women’s Health has always been a passion of Francine’s. Francine is a certified doula who has attended births as well as assisted her patients through the pregnancy with birth preparation and postpartum care.  Francine’s women’s health experience spans from preconception to pregnancy, postpartum and through menopause.  Francine enjoys treating women through all of their stages of life.



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Lotus fields around the famous Westlake in Hangzhou, China.