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Next Class is Acupuncture Trigger/Motor/Ashi Points/Dry Needling:

Learn the difference between an Acupuncture Point vs. Trigger Point vs. Motor Point and when to use each one for the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. This is a great class for those interested in learning about trigger point acupuncture and the development of dry needling in the US. The majority of the class is focused on treatment and hands on learning of how to find and use acupuncture trigger points.

Sunday, June 10, 2018Basic class: Introduction to major muscle groups and historical background. (8 CEUs pending Category 1) [May 20 class is full]


Sunday June 17, 2018Advanced class: More hands on practice and introduction of specific muscle groups including: levator scapula, rhomboids, gastrocnemius, and more. (8 CEUs pending Category 1)

TIME: 10am-6pm

Acupuncture for Sports Medicine Series Schedule:(Class TBD for 2018)
1. Sports Acupuncture Principles and Distal Needling

2. Myofascial Trigger Point and local needling

3. KT Taping Upper and Lower Body

4. Formulas for Sports Injuries: Internal and Topical Preparations

5. Master Tung Points for Pain Management


Past Classes:

1. Introduction to Acupuncture for Sports Medicine
Sunday, December 6, 2015: 9am-6pm (8 CA CAB CEUs approved)

An overview of techniques used to treat sports injuries and orthopedic conditions will be discussed.  Topics include “Balance” technique, wrist-ankle acupuncture, Master Tung points and trigger point needling.  This is a good class for those interested in treating sports injuries to get an understanding of essential acupuncture techniques used to treat injuries and pain effectively.  You will learn how to differentiate between acute and chronic conditions and how to treat each.  This course is an introduction on how to treat basic injuries and pain conditions.  It will lay the groundwork for future classes with more in depth study in each of the various techniques.

2. Acupuncture KinesioTaping for Common Injuries 
(4 CEUs CAB approved for each class):
     Saturday, December 12, 2015- Class I- Upper body taping: 2pm-6pm
     Sunday, December 13, 2015- Class II- Lower body taping: 10am-2pm

3. Formulas for Sports Medicine

  In Chinese Medicine, trauma and injury affects the normal circulation of the body and causes “qi and blood stasis” leading to the perception of pain.  There is also the idea that cold and damp can penetrate areas of the body where the vital energy has been compromised.  This can lead to arthritic pains with age that often increases with weather changes and is difficult to treat.  In cases of acute trauma where ice seems indicated, use these topical formulas instead.   In most cases, medical advice is to rest and elevate.  By using these liniments, an injury can recover a lot sooner.  The mechanism of action is reducing inflammation while dispersing congealed blood and fluids. 


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Participants need to preregister for the class.  We will be emailing out full colored class handouts for review prior to class so we can focus more on working hands on with each participant on class day.